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Hi All Having taken a GCSE in Astronomy this year, I am now thinking of progressing to an Open University course called Astronomy and Planetary Science. It is a level below degree but looks ideal for me. Before I take the plunge (its quite expensive) I wondered whether anyone has any experience of this or other OU astronomy courses?

Also, does anyone or the Group have copies of the 2 textbooks?

An Introduction to Sun and Stars 2nd edition (2015) by Green and Jones,

An Introduction to Galaxies and Cosmology 2nd edition by Jones and Lambourne.


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  1. Thanks. I have found at least 2 free astronomy courses but your Orion one I think is not still available. The fees for the one I am interested in is nearly £3000 so have to think hard about investing that much! Will let you know what I decide.

  2. I did this free Open University course through ‘future learn’. It was great fun and I enjoyed it.

    There are also lots of free OU courses at Openlearn, these are units from longer courses at different levels and I’ve used a few to help me keep up to date with work-related training (not astronomy).

    With a paid course you will get a tutor which should help a lot if any of it is heavy going. On the free ones you are pretty much on your own.
    Good luck!

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