Ideas on how to centralise faint objects in CCDSPEC spectrometer slit

The CCDSPEC spectrometer works well on stars and other bright objects such as planets but I am finding it difficult to obtain a spectrum of the Ring Nebula and other fainter more dispersed objects because these cannot be seen in the observing eyepiece on the spectrometer.

I am toying with idea of using a flip mirror but Ed Mann had excellent idea yesterday which I am also considering – mounting a parallel finder scope on the Sky Watcher Equinox 80mm or DS Pro 72mm scopes I use with the CCDSPEC. I can then not only observe fainter objects using this second scope but by aligning it carefully with the slit and cross hairs on the illuminated eyepiece on CCDSPEC I can then use the second scope to guide the scope whilst the spectrum is being taken. This is similar to the method used in astrophotography to guide forĀ  camera.

Might be chance to try this idea out tonight……I can see clouds thinning and Vega has appeared!


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