October Meteor Activity 10/11/2016 & Taurids 11/11/2016

From: Peter Hill
Sent: 10 November 2016 19:32
Subject: October Meteor Activity


Below are my data on radar reflection data for meteors in October, the main group active this month is the Orionids, supposedly peaking on the 21st, there appears to be a double peak 20 & 22 with a slight dip on the 21st.

The other activity is due to the 9 other minor showers active during the month, many of which overlap to give periods of higher activity.

The peak at the end of the month is probably due to the Southern Taurids which have a peak between Oct 30th and Nov 7th, the activity at the start of November seems to dropping off as the Northern and southern Taurids pass their peak activity, the next spate of activity will be Nov 17/18 with the Leonids but visual observing will probably be hampered by the waning Supermoon (full on the 14th).

The Taurids appear over the end of October / November.

Pete H.

peter_hill_meteors_october_2016_daily_chart peter_hill_meteors_october_2016_hourly_charttaurids_111116

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