Obtaining par-focus between visual eyepiece and QHY10 camera on Sky Watcher Equinox Pro 80mm Telescope

My biggest problem so far with the QHY10 camera is obtaining focus. The standard method for doing this is to focus on a point a long distance away. However this is very difficult from my garden/house as there is no obvious point I can focus on further than roof of neighbour’s houses and this is not far enough away.

Damian came around this evening and we came up with an alternative solution – I have TS flip mirror/off axis guider and we used the neighbour’s house to set this up on the Equinox Pro 80mm with a Tele Vue 32mm eyepiece so that the eyepiece is par-focal with the QHY10 camera – this means that I should be able to point the telescope at the night sky and focus on the star field using the eyepiece and then the camera should be reasonably in focus – at least enough to get me started. I will need a Bahtinov Mask for finer focus – and Polaris will be a good star to use for that purpose.


Par-focal arrangement of visual eyepiece and QHY10 camera on Sky Watcher Equinox Pro 80mm Telescope:

Image through eyepiece on chimney:

Nebulosity 4 showing image through QHY10 and settings on Nebulosity 4 for the image – this image is using the focus option on Nebulosity 4:

Full Image on Nebulosity 4 (yellow tinge is due to light in room behind telescope) – shows settings on Nebulosity 4 for image (gain 15, offset 119):

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