Observing report 31/8/19 Andrew Thornett. Rob Leonard, Neil Wyatt

Rob, Neil and I are at Brankley pastures conservation area near Hoar cross hall tonight observing in field. Currently lot of cloud but earlier on great view if Milky Way with kit of structure especially around Cygnus. M101 was very large occupying 60% field of view in 30mm OVL Aero eyepiece in Rob’s 14 inch Don with bright core. M57 big and bright with Baader Zoom 8-24mm set to 12mm and with UHC filter. Showed internal structure that demonstrated that, although centre cleared relative to ring, it isn’t empty but has network like internal filling. Central star not seen. Both cores of M51 seen with 14 inch Dob with Baader Zoom at 24mm, and we also saw Owl Nebula through light cloud using Baader Zoom with UHC filter in same eyepiece. I think I was able to faintly just see Witch’s Broom without UHC but before I could add UHC cloud came in and prevented further observation. Great reasonably dark observing siteonly minutes from home but you probably want to do with others as feels a bit isolated.

With quite a lot of cloud we resorted to unconventional means of observing. With 30mm finderscope we could all see M31. We could also see it in Vixen 2.1x binoculars. I was able to just make out M33 in the 30mm finderscope, and also the brightest portion of NGC7000 in the Vixen 2.1x binoculars.

M13 seen in Dob and 2.1x binoculars and Neil got a picture of Eastern Veil Nebula.

Started at 2100 and finished 0004.


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