Observing report 15th -16th /2/2018.

Wonderful night at Swadlincote   C6r refractor.

Wonderful crisp night , like stepping out into a planetarium, decided to explore the usually bright southern sky over town.

NGC 3242 ” Ghost of Jupiter” at x 50 without filters it shone amazingly bright and blueish. No change with fitting filters.Really surprised at the sight, probably one of the brightest planetary nebulae,well worth finding. Above this ,

NGC 3115 ” Spindle galaxy” , bright , long and spindly.

“La Superba “, Y CNv,what an amazing sight , just filled the view with cheery warmth. In the area of CNv caught the bright M63 “Sunflower galaxy”.

Other bright sights : M64 “Blackeye galaxy” in Coma B. Virgo A ( NGC 4486), M66 , but no triple to M65 in Leo. Caught the wide Porrima , now easy even at low power.

Back to back binaries with spectacular views in UMa, including the delicate triple 65UMa , look for the faint companion next to the bright star making a ra Triangle , neat ! It requires a little care to find . A  bright Alula Australis and a tight Σ1559 headed a mass of binaries , including the colourful Σ1695.

Leo. Go for Regulus , Algieba and Denebola. 54 Leonis looked spectacular at x50, ( yellow and blue here )as did Σ1521. 90 Leonis gave a lovely triple at x50. 83 and τ give a wide view double double. The companion to 49 looks really ghostly.

Sextans . Made a note that at this time of year , it’s high in the south. 35 Sextans gave an orange and blue pair at low power. Onto some new ones, including the orange and blue 9 Sextans and a close Σ1457. Really exciting to explore this area.

Some inspiring views , plenty go research into, kept returning to the “ghost “, remarkable under

Clear skies ! Nick.

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