Observing Mercury & ISS 8 Apr 2017 21:44

Jules and I went out tonight to view Mercury.

I took two tripods, one for the camera and one for the 15x70s.

Just got back and saw the ISS go over (not as bright or as long as last night). Rounded off a good evening. J came with me to Catton. We had to wait an hour to see the stars and planets come out, Mars first, then thankfully Mercury (getting quite low). Then pointed the binos at Jupiter and Showed J 4 moons.

Jules could see Mercury naked eye, I wasn’t so sure – but that could be because I was taking pictures and checking the shots on the camera back. I could see it through the viewfinder though and easily in the binos. Another glorious evening (like Friday). We were too early on Friday, that was the problem!

I sent you this screen grab from SF as we’d just got back when it buzzed to say the ISS was about to come over – so we shot out into the back garden…


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