Observing log Burton-on-Trent Andy & Rob 27/2/2020

Rob and I having marvellous time with 14 inch Orion Dob!

Great view of M42 appearing green and six stars clearly visible in trapezium.

Bagged Comet 2017 T2 Panstarrs bright almost planetary nebula like in eyepiece. Also seen Comet 289P/Blanpain which is supposedly magnitude 1.8 according to Sky Safari – no chance – very faint slight brightening of sky – needed accurate star hop and some tapping of scope to confirm.

Just seen Leo triplet M65 and M66 very easy to see but that third NGC 3628 – we saw it in the 14 inch Dob but so much fainter although once found relatively easy to follow around eyepiece when you move it – certainly a lot easier than comet 289P!

Whilst all this is going on, Rob is also photographing NGC 2403 – avoiding the usual suspects of close by M81/82. Sky much better from his house near Burton than mine in Lichfield – lucky blighter!

Cup of tea – back into the breech dear friends!…

Three clusters in Auriga, Double Cluster in Perseus, nebulosity visible with UHC filter on both Heart and Soul Nebula – we could map out edge, absolutely fantastic.

Very bright contrast views of M81 and M82 – some if best I have ever seen.

Rob saw bright meteor I missed

We finished with the Needle Galaxy. Very needle like! Bright and obvious direct vision. Great place to finish.


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  1. Thanks for coming over Andy- it was an excellent evening. I think the highlight for me was M82- wonderful detail.

    Just goes to show- never believe the weather forecast!!!

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