Observing log Bognor Regis 1/6/2017 @ 22:15-23:10, Andrew Thornett

Observing log Bognor Regis 1/6/2017 @ 22:15-23:10, Andrew Thornett.

Jupiter, Planet in Virgo, 1 Jun 2017, 22:18:58. The only instrument I have tonight is my Canon 10×30 image stabilised binoculars. It is amazing how effective these can be – they hold the image of Jupiter steady enough hand-held with IS button pressed that I can tell that the planet is a disc and see two moons on one side of the planet and one on the other. According to Sky Safari Pro 5 on my iPad, these moons I saw around Jupiter were Ganymeade, then Europa/Io close together on left side on planet and Callisto on right side.
Moon of Earth in Leo. I took some nice photos of the conjunction of Jupiter and the Moon with my Samsung S7 phone. Clearly not high magnification as I could not add a telephoto lens! Lovely craters and distinct features along terminator of Moon – where the IS binos really come into their own.
Messier 66, Spiral Galaxy in Leo, 1 Jun 2017, 22:36:45. I was hoping to see Leo Triplet Galaxies but I think that was far too ambitious – skies not dark enough and not enough magnification.
Messier 101, Spiral Galaxy in Ursa Major, 1 Jun 2017, 22:43:29. In spite of locating the position of this galaxy with certainty tonight by star hopping, I could not see a thing. Came back a few times and all equally useless. Likewise, I could not see M81/82. Enjoying the sound of the waves on the shore, though, and the sense of peace next to the sea on my own.
Hercules Cluster – Messier 13, Globular Cluster in Hercules, 1 Jun 2017, 22:51:35. Eventually found this but far more subdued than last night suggesting sky quality significantly worse, possibly due to high cloud that was not obvious when it was light or mist coming off the sea.
Messier 92, Globular Cluster in Hercules, 1 Jun 2017, 22:52:57. Not able to find this – change that – just found it – faint – needs averted vision. Several artificial Earth satellites seen whilst undertaking this observation. Sky quality visibly deteriorating.
Saturn, Planet in Ophiuchus, 1 Jun 2017, 23:00:39. The brighter planets do show better through this haze. Saturn is visible with its rings just discernable when IS button pressed on binos.
Messier 4, Globular Cluster in Scorpius, 1 Jun 2017, 23:02:33. Demonstrating the problem with skies tonight, this is invisible through the binos even though its magnitude is only 5+.
Due to poor skies, decided to call it a night.

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