Observing Jupiter 28/5/19

Swadlincote. C6r refractor.

Some entertaining views waiting for Jupiter to rise . Amazing view of unfiltered M27. The Summer Triangle was high giving views of Cygnus. Serpens and Ophiuchus gave great views of open clusters , the “summer beehive ” IC 4665 and “Graff’s” , IC 4756, stood out as very fine. M5 is a gem to resolve.

After midnight a very bright Jupiter arrived. Opposition will be on the 10th of June. Although as quoted as being low in the south , it was nicely positioned to observe. Even low power showed Ganymede off the limb and the shadow of Io in transit. The size of the disc at x320 was amazing ¬†at 47″. Best views were about x160. The south polar area being dark. The bands had dark edges with a lot of activity to the equator. Thin cloud acted as a good filter giving lots of contrast. Seeing soon deteriorated. Best just to keep focus and let the views come. A very interesting session , keep observing throughout the summer , under clear skies ! Nick.


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