Observing in Streethay 6/5/2018-7/5/2018

I joined Damian at his house tonight for a few hours of observing between 22:00 and 01:15. I tried to set up my Sky Watcher 120 on EQ6 but had neglected to bring either the diagonal or mounting rings for finder scope – silly me!

Nevertheless, Damian had set up both his Orion 10″ Dobsonian and also his Tec 140 on Novohitch mount and we went in search of faint fuzzies and glorious sights alike.

Jupiter in the Tec was outstanding – especially when used with my £160, bargain-priced, second-hand, Televue Ethos 6mm eyepiece – 7 bands, the Great Red Spot, and the exit of a moon from behind the planet were all seen by us both – but this was luck rather than judgement as we just happened to look at the right time! Apart from this, the same set-up revealed outstanding views of M13 with incredible detail like a bend-flower in shape and masses resolved stars, the RIng Nebula as large smoky ring, Eskimo nebula, Blinking Planetary Nebula (NOT blinking tonight – easily seen), M92 with lot of internal detail, condensced nucleus and less0condensced periphery with resolvable stars, and several galaxies in the Virgo cluster, although these were not so easily seen as on Friday night when we last went outside at night.

The 10″ Dobsonian enabled us to see the tiny NGC galaxy next to M13, the Sombero Galaxy, and some other fainter objects including the two x galaxy triplets in Leo (with varying success on observing the third galaxy in each case).



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