Observing in Lichfield on 10-11 July 2020

Had a super time with Andy observing (socially distanced) in his garden. We had great view of the moons of Jupiter and the rings of Saturn. Saw lots of other objects in the sky too. Andy is so deft at finding things. It was fun to introduce his neighbour to the night sky too. He was quick to pick things up and was soon using an app on is phone to identify what he could see in the sky. Thanks to Andy for inviting us.

We had the added drama on the way home of seeing a lorry extricate itself from the railway bridge by Lichfield City Railway Station! Good job it was 2am-ish, so not many of us waiting for it to clear the bridge.

This feeble picture of Saturn and Jupiter will remind us of the evening! Shame I didn’t capture the splendid views we saw through the telescope!

Angella and Alan Rodgers

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