Observing huge Hydra .

Hydra is the largest constellation, it takes up a quarter of the celestial sky. The “head of Hydra “is below M67, it’s quite low for us in the midlands. However there are a few stunning sights here including,
NGC 3242, planetary nebula the “Ghost of Jupiter”, a +9 blue green oval.
Alphard (α) an orange giant.
Beta Hydrae, a bright binary with .9″ separation.
M46 an open cluster with 80 stars at 1500lys.distant.
M68, a globular cluster 33,000lys distant.
NGC 5694 a globular cluster 113,200 lys. Moving so fast it may escape our galaxy.
M83, one of the brightest face on spiral galaxies at +7.5.
Σ1348 and Σ1355, a pair of duplicate pairs less than a degree apart.img_4401
Σ1279 a pair at 4.7″ separation at x100. SAO 136242.
ε Hydrae (epsilon), pair at 3.0″, difference in magnitude from +3.5 to companion+6.7.SAO 117112.
Σ1290 a pair at 2.8″ with a delicate companion at x200. SAO 117208
Worth catching a view of the biggest constellation under clear skies !

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