Observing (from outside!) 03-04/07/2019

Went outside with the 8″ SCT for a change!

Jupiter had disappeared from my view but Saturn was still there, although very low. This is what I got with the Toucam.

Not very good, but quite pleased with it given its low elevation and the fact that I didn’t deploy the ADC.

Then switched to the PD to get this composite of Saturn with some of its moons.

Given the sky wasn’t really dark, thought I would image some clusters, starting with globular M75.

This one is a small very distant one, apparently difficult to resolve into stars visually.

Then NGC6716, a nearby open cluster


Then on to the “Wild duck” cluster, M11.

While in the neighbourhood, I tried for M17, the “Swan” nebula.

This was very low, but again quite pleased with it given it was from a stack of only 20 X 10 second exposures (200 sec in total). The “swan” is upside down.

Finally, another nearby open cluster, M26.

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