Observing Delphinus.

Delphinus sits on the edge of the Milky Way, many supernovae have occurred here. Several binaries and deep sky targets make this most dolphin like shape (aka “Job’s coffin”) worth finding.
Globular clusters.
NGC 6934 (+9) small and faint, slight resolution with 8″.
NGC 7006, a very distant outlayer, some 135,000 light years from our galaxy plane. A misty blur with 8″.
Planetary nebulae.
NGC 6891 (+10) blue with 4″, better with 8″.
NGC 6905, faint , except in large apertures.
γ Delphini gives a greenish companion at 10″.SAO 106475.
β 363 at 20h31.0m. +20 36′, a delicate +10.0 companion at 11.8″.
Σ2679 gives a separation of 24.2″, a faint speck of a companion to the primary at x50 . SAO 106068.
Σ2725 at x50 is in the same fov as γ. Very colourful grapefruit orange.
Σ2735 at 1.9″, gives a yellow / white at x240.
Σ2738 at 20h58.5m. +16 26′, an interesting triple at x50, the AB close with a distant C.
The “Toadstool” or the ” dolphin’s diamonds” found at 21h07.3m +16 20′, to the west of the galaxy NGC 7025.

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