Observing Cassiopeia. Part Two, the stars !

Packed with interest , loaded with the star fields of the Milky Way.

Shedir (α), an orange giant and an unrelated close companion (SAO 21609)
Gamma Cass., a blue white variable, a shell star throwing off rings of gas , leading to changes in magnitude (SAO 11482), faint and delicate companion.
Delta Cass.,an eclipsing binary (SAO 22268)
Eta Cass., a yellow and red for small scopes (SAO 21732), showcase pair.
Iota Cass., a classic triple, a white pair with a wide companion (SAO 12298) yellow and blue.
Sigma Cass.,a green and blue that 75mm will split (SAO 35947), 3.2″ split.
Psi Cass., an orange giant with a close companion (SAO 11751), gives a very colourful triple.
Phi Cass., the “eyes” in NGC 457, brightest stars in our galaxy , x275,000 brighter than our sun.

There are 42 entries in Sissy Haas and many more on the Eagle Creek Observatory double star entries. There are also 18 binaries with one degree of Caph, which I have posted .

Of interest,
Σ3037, a triangular multiple (SAO 20832)
Σ3062, 1.6″ pair (SAO 21085)
H V 82 and Σ59 in the same fov (SAO 21716)
Σ65, 3.5″ split (SAO 11440)
With so much to observe ,Cassiopeia is queen of the skies !

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