Observing Aquila.

Aquila completes the observing notes on the Summer Triangle, still up in the sky in late autumn. The main stars are
Altair , at 17 light years distant , a close visual star, look for nearby
Tarazed (γ) an orange giant some 460 light years distant.
Alshain (β) is 45 light years away.

R Aquilae, a red giant , 400 times the diameter of the sun, from +6 to +12 over nine months.

Binaries. Sissy Haas gives 42 entries here.
Some of my favourites ,
11 Aq. (SAO 104308) a yellow and blue at x50 with a 19.6″ split.
15 Aq. ( SAO 142996) an orange giant ( appears yellow) and a turquoise companion at x50 with a 39.1″ split.
Σ2446 a lemon and sapphire at 19h05.8m. +06 33′ at x100 with 9.4″ split.
h881 An orange and two blue triple at 19h18.1m. -05 25′.
23 Aq. (SAO 124487), a yellow and blue at x150 with a 3″ split.
57 Aq. (SAO 143899), a yellow and violet at 35.9″ split.
Σ2542, Σ2545 and Σ2547 at 19h36.8m. -10 27′, two pairs and a triple.
π Aq. a tester (SAO 105282) at 1.4″ split.
Σ2613 , brilliant twins at 20h01.4m. +10 45′ at x100 with a 3.7″ split.
Σ2644 ,an identical pair at 20h12.6m. +00 52′ , x150 with a 2.6″ split.

Open clusters.
NGC 6709 (+6.7), NGC 6755 (+7.5), NGC 6756 (+11), NGC 6738(+8).

Planetary nebulae.
NGC 6741,the “phantom streak” (+11), NGC 6751 (+13),NGC 6804(+12),NGC 6803(+11),NGC 6778(+13),NGC 6807(+14),NGC 6781, the “ghost of the Moon” (+11), NGC 6790 (+10.1), small blue and bright.

NGC 6814 (+11.2)

Globular cluster.
NGC 6760 (+9.1).Small and faint , needs aperture.

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