Observing and “those ” images !

Some best observing views compared to “those ” images .

It’s fascinating to get the most out of your aperture and site by eye. Big aperture will bring up faint targets , but only with the contrast given by dark sky background. Bigger aperture may also bleach out the red of carbon stars and the colours of binary stars. 4″ of refractor gives the best colour. There are the greens and blues of nebulae to enjoy. Beginners are often disappointed with galaxy views appearing as a “fuzz”. It takes some aperture and good skies to begin to see structure and detail. The “Crab nebula” although a fascinating supernova remnant appears as a typical fuzzy blob, until you get to dark skies where some structure is enjoyed.

The easiest to resolve are the globular clusters , where x150 and above will tease out the outer stars and core. Superb nights still happen and it was a great surprise to catch the “Swan nebula” ,M17 so clear and bright from home,

Nick.IMG_4451IMG_4448IMG_4447IMG_4438IMG_4440IMG_4439IMG_4446IMG_4449IMG_4450M11          (Below).                M17. (Below right).                               


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