Observing, sketching and hand-held afocal photography with smartphone of the solar disc in Streethay, Lichfield

We made use of the gorgeous bank holiday sunshine by getting our telescopes and Daystar Shark hydrogen alpha filters out to observe and sketch the solar disc. Nick Cox and Roger Samworth have really motivated us with their regular posts on this blog!

I really enjoyed sketching the sun. It slows everything down to sit at the eyepiece and simply let the world go by.

Damian drawing is the one below on black paper and the orange ones are mine. I have got a way to go to match him but does not matter – it us the taking part that counts!

The orange squash is acting a counter-weight on my scope!


Damian’s sketch (below):

¬†Andy’s sketches (below):

The following pictures are from the end of our session showing us with our drawings. Damian lent me his orange pencil and gave me a piece of black paper to try – I was very pleased with the results. I also include some photos taken at the eyepiece afocally using hand-held Samsung S7.

Damian’s sketches (below):

Andy’s sketches (below):

The following photo is taken with Samsung S7 from Damian’s Takahashi:

The following two photos are from my Equinox:


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