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Had a hectic schedule in Oslo after being delayed at Heathrow by two hours because of the dreaded fog – ended up ‘doing’ around 7 museums in a day between 10am and 8 pm (plus the Christmas Market!) Got to Alta earlier – unusually warm (7 degrees!) and little snow… although we have cloud, have seen the Aurora and I’m out here now we n my own (on a frozen lake) awaiting their return! D.


Well the moon came up around 10.50 (yesterday) so that paid to any more aurora observing…

Had the day exploring Alta – visited the church that is styled on the aurora and then headed just a little out of town to a museum dedicated to the rock carvings and paintings dating from 2000-5000 BC.

After a two hour nap this afternoon (I couldn’t sleep last night in our lavvo – Sami tipi), we set off on our 5 hour ‘chasing the Northern Lights’ trip. Didn’t expect much – cloudy and starting to snow. After a 60+ Km drive, we found some clearing skies so stopped off. Aurora put on a week show. As we were packing up they started to¬† strengthen so the guide said we could stay another 10 minutes or so.

Then 5 minutes into the drive back we could see from the mini bus that they were starting to dance! We quickly pulled over and then the most amazing 10 minute display started – running folds and curtains of light. The guide said it was right up there with some of the best displays she has witnessed! On the way back now and they are still putting on a display (not up with what we just saw), but still some of the best we have both seen – itching to get out and keep shooting pics!!!!

Off to a wilderness lodge tomorrow….

D. and J.

[In response to Andy’s request whether I can email photos of Northern Lights] My old Nikon does not have WiFi built in (like the new models) and no physical computer access… perhaps I can take a quick pic with the phone off the back of the camera! Perhaps later today I’ll write a diary so I can post with pics once back…?

We’re about to head off to our next place and have a 2.5Hr skidoo experience booked… all after only 5Hrs sleeps – if it wasn’t for the adrenaline from last night, I think I’d be starting to run on reserve power! Perhaps later we can relax and I’ll send you something…


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  1. Nice one Damian, you caught it just right this time with a G1 magnetic storm stimulated by the solar wind blowing from the coronal hole in the suns’ atmosphere which is now hitting the earths atmosphere, the images on have been stunning, hope to see yours soon

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