Noctilucent clouds over Lichfield?

Rhys and I have never seen noctilucent clouds with certainty in the past but the height of summer is meant to be the best time to see them and our latitude in Lichfield the best latitude for observations of this phenomenon.

Looking West after the sun goes down is meant to be the best way to see them and according to a recent BAA bulletin about 23:00 the best time.

So Rhys and I insisted all the lights were turned off in the house tonight at 22:25………

And we think we might have captured a sighting of them! Can some of the noctilucent experts in the club comment on whether they think these are noctilucent clouds?

23:50. I will leave this post in for future reference but in closer inspection of photos I doubt now that they are noctilucent clouds.


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