NGC 2903

Hi All,

Nearly full moon and clear skies so obviously a good time to take images! Especially within 20 degrees of the moon and also in Luminance on a fairly small

target of 12 mag.

So here it is, ngc2903 in Leo.

Taken with the RC 6″ and Atik314. Luminance only 30 x 4 minutes subs.

I’ve been wondering why the stars appear to have a small amount of drift because the elongation is not in the line of Dec or RA. I’ve come to the conclusion that it is Focus (even though the Bhatinov mask shows its OK). When I magnify up a long way, I can see a slight out of focus in the direction of the oblong stars. Could this be it? Answers please to the God of clear skies asap.


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  1. Like you, I’ve had a second look at this. I originally thought it was a poor image because of the near full moon causing blurred pale curves around the galaxy but looking again it is in fact very thin and faint extensions to the galactic arms. They reach right up to top, bottom and sides of the image. I’ve added some more luminance making a total of 2 hrs 20 minutes and I’ll post the full image when I’ve got it processed.

  2. Andy,
    I’ll try to answer the Tech bits!
    Pixel size: 6.45 x 6.45 microns
    Aperture: f9
    Focal Length: 1368
    Image Scale: This is slightly cropped, but the full image is 16.8 x 22.5 arcminutes, so this is in the region of 12 x 18.

  3. I have looked again at this photo and I can’t get over the fine texture around the colourful part of the galaxy – such detail! And within that are extensions of the galactic arms stretching out up to as much again as width of the galaxy. Wow! How did you do it?!

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