Newly arrived 20 Watt LED illuminator for Zeiss IM and IM35 microscopes – first light on Zeiss IM microscope 9/6/2017

Last week my new illuminator arrived from the USA. Buying old 100W halogen illuminators or higher power cold light sources is horrendously expensive – but high power illumination is required for some types of microscope illumination.

Therefore, this new device fits the bill nicely – significantly cheaper, easy to switch on and off and bulbs don’t need replacing. Tonight was the first opportunity I have had to try it out!

First light photos below – note the blood smear entry from tonight was the first set of observations using this new illumination.

One positive outcome of the new illuminator is that its brightness can be brighted using dimmer dial up to equivalent of 200 watt halogen bulb – most of the time in brightfield this level is not required but it became quickly clear that the ability to add brightness easily overcomes dim images – the Bresser camera flickers if brightness too low which had affected previous sessions – but not now!!


Retrodiode-com-20W-LED-illuminator-on-Zeiss-IM-microscope-100617.jpg (below – LED illuminator is square box at top):

Retrodiode-com-20W-LED-illuminator-on-Zeiss-IM-microscope-100617-closer-view.jpg (below):

Retrodiode-com-20W-LED-illuminator-on-Zeiss-IM-microscope-100617-close-view.jpg (below):

Retrodiode-com-20W-LED-illuminator-showing-black-3D-printed-nose.jpg (below):

Retrodiode-com-20W-LED-illuminator-nose-LEDs-100617.jpg (pulled out of microscope and switched on to show LEDs – below):

The photo below shows the original 60W illuminator that came with the Zeiss IM microscope – this illuminator from the 1970s is not able to produce enough light for dark field or flourescence microscopy:

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