New Sunspot!! 15/08/2017

Spaceweather says:

“the emergence of new sunspot AR2671 as recorded by extreme ultraviolet  telescopes onboard NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory. The growing sunspot is crackling with C-class solar flares and throwing moon-sized clouds of plasma into space. If the active region continues to develop, it could become a significant source of space weather in the days ahead.”

Here is this morning’s window-sill image:

4 Responses

    1. They are different! You don’t get the plages, prominences and stuff with white light of course. Waiting with baited breath for Pete Hill’s Cak trials!

  1. I think all this stuff is happening because I am not in the UK to see it – it is a conspiracy! Cloudy here on the equator, beautiful sunspots and even meteors in Staffordshire and Derbyshire!

    1. It isn’t THAT exciting Andy. Sun is v quiet compared to last year, and the moon and haze washed out a lot of the Perseids! Looks like you are having more excitement than us, in fact! Was impressed David Geary saw the Eagle visually though. Mind you, he did use a 16″ dob. Who else do I know that has one of those, I wonder?

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