New illuminated eyepiece for CCDSPEC Spectrometer

I am quite excited about this new Meade Illuminated 9mm eyepiece – it has adjustment screws which can Chang ether XY position of the cross hairs and allow me to align the cross hairless exactly over the spectrometer slit on my CCDSPEC spectrometer overcoming a problem I have using it at Night – the fact that i can’t see where the slit is in the dark!! Up until now I have relied on the fact that a star separates into a small spectrum when it reaches the slit but this can be hit and miss at Night.

I have tried 12.5mm illuminated eyepiece without adjustment screws (also shown below for comparison) – that is OK but the cross hairs are not quite on the slit so still can be difficult in practice getting single star in correct position.

Can’t wait to try this out under the stars….


CCDSPEC with new Meade 9mm illuminated eyepiece in position:

Photos with Samsung S7 phone through illuminated eyepiece showing slit and cross hairs of eyepiece with and without being adjusted so they are in correct position:

Photo of 12.5mm illuminated eyepiece for comparison:

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