New base for mobile radio meteor scatter operations

Last time I bought my mobile meatiest scatter radio equipment to an outreach event at Rosliston forestry Centre, children were dipping and diving around pegs and ropes holding the ex-military Klansman aerial up. This was identified as a health and safety risk. I have just received the item below – recommended by Ed – it is a wonderfully well-designed piece of kit sold as a mobile stand for garden parasols – it locks both up and down using a spring-loaded mechanism and a metal bit which fits into a slot at the top or the bottom so that it is very solidly held in place in either the open or closed position. It is quite robust be made of solid metal construction, and its ability to fold up makes it easy to transport – bank said for a brilliant idea!


My Clansman radio mast that I am hoping to erect using this base:

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  1. Possibly……. My only worry is how steady it will be in wind. As I will probably be erecting it on grass I can put some pegs in ground around legs but security lights mounted above concrete. It’s an idea though and when I have had chance to try it out then worth exploring further. Andy

  2. Nice! I wonder if something similar could be used to mount a screen in front of those security lights at RFC? It would improve the observing on club nights…

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