Nebula fest , getting darker out there.

It cleared and got reasonably dark. Tonight’s accompanying bystander being a neighbouring dog left alone to whine away the night. Kicked off with a lovely view of the Garnet star (Mu Cephei) at the base of Cepheus. A huge amount of colour there, defocus and it’s a stunning brilliant blood orange.

Put in the Oiii filter to see what was possible.
Pleased to get the Swan, triffid and Lagoon nebulae down in Sagittarius. Got into the star fields of M18 , lovely cluster and a glide around M24. Even got the most gorgeous M22, but town lights bleached out resolution low in the south.

Good to get the Eastern Veil NGC 6995 .Then a slight sight of the western (bridal) NGC 6992 set around the elegant double 52 Cygni.

Lovely pass of the ISS, one of four tonight and early hours. Had some targets in Cassiopeia, checked out iota and before packing in ,saw how high Pegasus had risen.
I left the grunting hedgehogs and the whining hound to enjoy the rest of the night.

useably dark at 1am, time to dust off the cobwebs, old Nick.

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