Nebula fest ! 28/8/17.

Swadlincote 28/8/17 Celestron C6r.

A light haze didn’t look promising , but gave surprising results. Seeing was absolutely spot on .
M17 ,”Swan nebula”, lovely sight with the Swan sitting on its pond. Even visible without the Oiii filter.
NGC 188 in Cepheus, “the ancient one” , some sight of our oldest open cluster, way above the galactic plane. Xi Cephei (Kurhah), white with a blue companion.
IC4756 (“Graff’s cluster”) in Serpens , a huge view at x30.
M2 , way below M15, I put x150 on this spectacular globular. It resolves with sparkly foreground stars.
NGC 6543 (“Cat’s eye nebula”), so very bright, took up to x200 to get a lighter core. Σ1878 in Draco, a lovely delicate binary with a whisper of a companion.
Epsilon Arietis challenging at 1.4″, but split cleanly , showing how good the seeing was.
M76 , which looked better without filters , as did the “bow tie ” of NGC 40.
NGC 7009, the “Saturn nebula” looked lovely with the filter, although shaped , little sign of the arms.
NGC 6946 (“fireworks galaxy”) , once again , no show , the milkiness of humidity taking away contrast of these fainter treasures.

A great night for some meandering and lingering around the sky, clear skies ! Nick.

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