NASA salute A.S.B.O successful installation with flypast!

NEWS FLASH – Wednesday 24th May 2017

NASA scientists can be seen here celebrating the success of their latest endeavour…

It was all systems ‘GO’ at A.S.B.O Headquarters last night as final checks took place for this historic event:

The site was deemed clear for operations around 9pm

Due to cables on-site, all Perimeters were secured from any invading – ‘Andrews!’ > CHECK!

Comms > CHECK!

Visuals > CHECK!

Data storage > CHECK!

At 00.58am BST, A.S.B.O picked up the link and the NASA ‘flypast’ commenced……. the ISS (plus some stray plane getting in on the action – possibly the RAG Chair flying back from ESA) !

Pass took over two minutes, the movie is speeded up x4

The ISS passed through Bootes (Arcturus to the left) and headed through Hercules and just north of Vega in Lyra before comms cut-off.

With thanks to Heavens-Above, below !

Damian ( a pyjama clad ‘Operations Director’ at A.S.B.O)

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  1. Nice one Damian, you can check Iridium times on Heavens above , same as for ISS. Black swarmy thing either bat or moth. Have you got time at BST or UT and is it synchronised?

    1. Thanks Peter!
      Yes, the time is correct – it is therefore BST and is synced to the laptop’s clock via the camera’s IP/Web browser utility… although it doesn’t appear to keep it, and needs re-doing on each new connection!

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