My reaction to having successfully taken my first ever deep sky images

On a roll after successfully taking my first ever image of both a deep sky object and of a galaxy last night, I downloaded DeepSkyStacker and stacked 7 images of M101 that I took at the time to give total equivalent exposure 40 minutes and then looked up on YouTube some great videos on processing to remove light pollution. I am very excited about the resulting photo as it showed star forming regions in spiral arms of the galaxy. Now I can see why so many amateurs find astrophotography so addictive! A bit more processing leads to new discoveries – it is like someone has massively increased the size of my telescope! Aperture fever here I come! Each new process in GIMP2 is like buying a new eyepiece giving new revelations! For those who have never done astrophotography you don’t know what you are missing!


2 Responses

  1. NOW you see why I never used, and got rid of, my 12″dob as soon as I discovered the PD camera and GIMP!

    As for aperture fever, in our skies don’t forget it is contrast that over-rides everything – aperture doesn’t help with this!

    1. Well, it does help by increasing light gathering and allowing more magnification which means more receptors on the retina can be stimulated and therefore contrast perception is improved – however, I get your point. In any case, I was using the word “aperture” loosely – simply meaning that even a very large telescope would not show me the detail that a camera can with a small scope – in a much more portable package that is far more able to beat the light pollution.

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