My largest error photo – a microscopy photo of fossilised coral from Oklahoma – 543.87 megapixels!

Microscopy of Caninia torquia fossilised coral from Oklahoma. I used the Zeiss IM microscope, x4 objective, plane polarised, Bresser Mikrocam 9.0 camera.

Photos taken on 26/11/2017 – 100 photos stitched together using Microsoft Composite Editor.

Final image = 14704 x 36988 pixels (543.87 megapixels)

The photo shows the structure of the coral, divided into rectangular areas by dividing walls, and crystalisation of the rock matrix in the holes in the structure.


Thumbnail of image below (this version only 63kb) – if you would like you to do so, you can download the full 543 megapixel version from the following link and zoom in to see the detail (I recommend right clicking on link below and selecting “save as”): images_PNGwithalpha261117.png

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