My first guided photo (M101)

I am very excited – after months of frustration trying to get guiding working with my telescope, at last I succeeded last night! The following shows a single 180 second sub-frame in APT software – prior to last night, anything over 60 seconds produced sausages rather than round stars!

I also discovered guiding does not work when I forget to turn on sidereal tracking on my EQ6! All important lessons.

I am indebted to Damian and Rob Leonard for helping me sort this out.

Now I need some 180 second darks and new flats as this image is also the first one with the correct gain setting (400) set in APT for my Altair Astro 183M camera.

NB If you look carefully at first image, you can see M101 bottom middle – i hadn’t quite aligned the camera perfectly on the galaxy for it to be central but I had spent so long getting guiding to work that I just wanted to get on and take an image without more fiddling!


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