My first colour image of Moon

I processed my moon date from other night using Photoshop – single images aligned and “stacked” in Nebulosity individually – I aligned all together then stacked individually (yes one file only each time!) to create image for each colour then combined in Photoshop.

My first ever attempt at producing enhanced colour image of moon, using LRGB filters on Altair Astro 183M camera. Sky Watcher Equinox Pro 80mm OTA on NEQ6 mount, unguided 0.05 second exposures.

Four versions below…..but which is right? (Does that question have meaning?)

NB Neil Wyatt sent me an excellent little technique in Photoshop for helping to balance colours in such images: “I have a sneaky technique. Put a colour balance layer over the picture. Then a hue saturation layer. Turn saturation to the max. Now go to the colour balance layer and adjust the saturated image one channel at a time. You’ll find that each channel has a sweet spot with maximum diversity of colour.  They interact though so go round several times making small adjustments. When your image is a riot of colour, ease back the saturation”



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