My first 6 weeks into Astro Photography

Thank you for welcoming me to RAG. I cant wait to meet you all. As a newbie, i have lots to learn so I apologise now for any stupid questions. I currently have in my locker: Skywatcher EQM35 Pro, Celestron 127 Mak, Skywatcher 114PS and Skywatcher 80ED with Baader focuser and .85 corrector. I am yet to use the 80ED as only got it this week. For the images below, i used the trusty Skyhawk 114ps.

Picture saved with settings embedded.

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  1. First Six WEEKS! I can’t believe it! These are amazing – it took me nearly a year to get pictures that, even then, weren’t as good as these. Honestly, I am now one year into my astrophotography and I am still not sure they are as good as these!
    When we meet up, I am going to need some tips.
    Out of interest what camera are you using and what software to process?
    Have you joined our astrophotography WhatsApp group?

    1. Thanks, I’ve watched so many YouTube tutorials I’ve lost count! Happy to share what I’ve picked up so far. I think patience is the big one!

      I’ve never attempted this before the lockdown. Always just star hoped and planet spotting. I’m using a Nikon D750. It has an invariant ISO, so can shoot at 200 iso with very little noise issue. I could go on and on about invariant iso, it’s Fantastic. Don’t really need to do calibration files, but I do anyway.

      No filters as yet, but have ordered a Ultra High Contrast.

      I stack in deep sky stacker and process in Photoshop CC.

      1. If you are interesting in joining it then email me your mobile phone number to andrew (at) thornett (dot) net and I will pass it on to the person running the group (its not my group).

  2. Wow- you’ve come a long way in six weeks. Good to have another imager in the club and look forward to meeting you too.

    1. Your very kind. Picked wrong time of year really to kick this hobby off. Next bit of learning for me is guiding! This seems an art in its self. Want to push my exposures past 240 seconds.

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