My best ever photographs of the sun 26/7/2020 – sunspot in hydrogen alpha, calcium H line, sodium line

The sun came out after my last photo and I have had a ball! At last – I feel like I am getting somewhere with my astrophotos of the solar surface.

It turns out that it is all about the flats – get them right and the picture is magic – get them wrong and it isn’t – so I kept taking new flats in FireCapture until picture on screen lost all those Newtonian rings!

…..From photos below, you can tell I did not get it quite right with the sodium filter today!


Sun 260720 Quark Hydrogen filter processed 260720@1138 74 of 194 frames cropped PI deconvolusion PS Astroflat Pro smart sharpen colourized:

Sun Quark Calcium filter 260720 processed 260720@1323 (100 of 1924 frames) cropped PI deconvolusion PS processed:

Quark Sodium filter Processed 260720@1209 cropped PI deconvolusion PS Astroflat Pro sharpen colourized:

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