My best ever image of solar surface – yippee!

I have managed to get flat frame and dark frame to work in FireCapture – turned out to be really ease to get flat frame after all – just completely defocus the image of the solar disc with Quark still in, slightly adjust image so not at edge sun but in middle (when defocused adjust using mount hand control until reasonably bright across whole image no darkening near one edge), move exposure length slider (NOT gamma) until top histogram 1/3 from top edge, click on flat frame box and it will take flat frame. Dark frame, simply cover scope and press dark frame click box. Now flat and darks are automatically subtracted constantly – nothing else needs to be done……and Newtons rings are magically gone. Wow!

So here is my best ever image of the sun from today – notice the two dust bunnies – sorry about those!

Also (thanks Damian for the advice), I have tested my Quark H at different settings – and on my Quark best setting is (as Damian suggested) -5. No wonder I couldn’t get good photos in past when I was trying +3, following advice I’d received from another source that best setting on Quarks was 0-+3.

  • Sky Watcher Equinox 100mm OTA
  • HEQ5 Pro Mount.
  • ZWO ASI 174MM USB 3.0 Camera


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