Murky skies !

Swadlincote,24-25th January 2017. C6r.

Some good views of some off the beaten track targets. High in Orion , under Taurus , find NGC 1662. A fine open cluster named ” The Klingon Ship”. Just about there if you imagine the skeleton of such a thing.
Down to bright and very colourful “Hind’s Crimson” star in Lepus, just a lovely glowing coal.
Over to Cancer and the bright “Tegmine” , it was again a delight to split the bright companion at x240 to give this lovely triple.
Cloud left some of Ursa Major open and a return to bright brilliant binary, Xi (53) or Alula austraulis. Separation is 1.9″ easy last session in the 102 at x150 . Xi Ursa Majoris is a nearby binary system, 27.3 light years away, whose stars orbit each other in a period of 59.88 years, and is of profound historical importance. It was the first binary system discovered, by William Herschel in 1780. It was also the first binary system to have its orbit calculated, by Felix Savary in 1828.

Finder chart for NGC 1662.IMG_4418

Nothing else doing except for dodging mist and cloud. An early morning start showed Jupiter nicely at x150.Before 4 catching the tiny disc of Iota post occultation.IMG_4420No sign of the comet in Bootes , C/2015 V2 (Johnson) gave it several shots , but little field contrast as the freezing mist blanketed everything.

Clear skies ! Nick.

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