More window-sill adventures

Just before retiring tonight, I glanced out of the window and saw an interesting conjunction of the Moon and Jupiter, so I took this image through the double glazing with my Canon snapshot camera on a tripod.

I then blew up Jupiter X5 to see if any details were apparent.

There was a hint of belts. So I then deployed the 80mm window-sill refractor to see if I could see any moons. I wasn’t really expecting anything, so I only took a 100-frame AVI. (I normally do 1000 frames when outside) Not only were there moons but belts also! And is that a hint of the GRS on the right near the limb also?


I checked when the GRS transit would be and it was 21:26 UT, so it probably was!

I then used a X3 barlow and tried again.

I never expected to see detail like this with the 80mm Skywatcher through the double glazing!

Just shows you – – – !

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