More Deep Sky Fun from the Window-sill

Last night, I set up the window-sill equatorial with a bit more care and tried for the Flame / Horsehead again. Results were mixed, but an improvement methinks! All the images below were with the ST80 and a focal reducer. This is not an ideal optical arrangement with an f/5 instrument, but you do get a fast lens

While in the vicinity, I had a look at the RunningMan / M43 / M42 combination. This one is a composite of 4 exposures to avoid washing out the centre of M42, and to try to bring out some features of the “Running Man”.


Then on to M78.

Finally across to Monoceros and the Rosette. This is a 2-image composite due to the large size of the Rosette.


I think I am now pushing the limits of what can be done with a cheap 80mm refractor through double glazing!

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