Moon over Elton John concert at 3aaa County Cricket Ground Derby, 4 June 2017

I like these shots of the Moon rising over the county cricket ground in Derby at the Elton John concert.

They show what can be accomplished photographing hand-held with Samsung S7 phone through Canon 10×30 image-stabilised binoculars.

The photos below include photos without magnification using Samsung S7 phone, photos with digital magnification through Samsung S7, and photos through Canon IS 10×30 binoculars using Samsung S7.


Moon over 3aaa county cricket ground (below):

Moon taken directly with hand-held Samsung S7 using maximum 8x digital zoom inbuilt into camera (below):

Direct shot of moon through Samsung S7 at lower level of digital magnification:

The concert:

Moon taken using Samsung S7 camera held to eyepiece of Canon IS 10×30 binoculars+3x digital zoom on phone (first picture below followed by similar photos with lower levels digital magnification):

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