Moon, Byrgius area 28/04/2018

It was such dreadful weather today that I was a bit surprised to see the Moon (ideally placed!) from the bedroom window tonight. Its phase was also close to that in “Moonwatch” in May’s Sky at Night magazine. So, here is another one of those images replicating the one in the magazine. It would seem that the lunar libration is such that tonight’s image is a bit more foreshortened than the one in the magazine. Also, the magazine image was taken after full moon, mine were taken before full moon. Therefore the shadows are reversed.

Below is my original image followed by one cropped to approximately replicate the magazine one.


Trawling through my archives, I found this one from last year, admittedly from a much smaller original image. ( ). The illumination is much closer to the pic in the magazine, and the difference is quite striking. You can now see the ray system around Byrgius A, which simply is invisible on the image from this year!





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    1. The gap in the clouds only lasted a few minutes!

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