Moon and Venus… The ‘Evening Star’…

Took this picture of the Moon and Venus (the Evening Star) on the 19th April, around 8.47pm.

Nikon D3 and Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8 looking out of my office window.

ISO200, 70mm, f/3.2 @ 1/125 sec.

The star between the two (enlarge the pic!), is Aldebaran in  The Hyades (Taurus). You can just make out a small amount of ‘Earthshine’ on the moon as well.

And photographing ‘lots’ at work… I came across this Hornby locomotive in a set of three…

Steam locomotive and tender, British Railways, 9F class 2-10-0 No 92220 “Evening Star”, designed by R.A.Riddles, built at Swindon in 1960, withdrawn in 1965.

Historically significant as the 999th British Rail (BR) Standard, and indeed the last steam locomotive to be built by BR, Evening Star was scheduled for preservation from the moment she was built in 1960.

Evening Star was the only locomotive to be named in the ‘BR’ days and the only 9F to be painted in BR’s express passenger service livery of lined green. The name Evening Star was chosen following a competition held by the BR Western Region Staff Magazine. There were three winners, who all suggested Evening Star – a fitting name given that one of the first locomotives to run on the Great Western Railway was named Morning Star.

Evening Star had an extremely short life span for a steam locomotive and was unexpectedly withdrawn from service in 1965. The locomotive was claimed for the National Collection in 1975.



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  1. Damian,
    Re “Evening Star”.
    Did you know that Sir Nigel Gresley, one of the UK’s most famous steam loco engineers, is buried at Netherseale, just a couple of miles from Rosliston? There are blue plaques there, and a large info board.

    So, not only will Rosliston be a place for astronomical enthusiasts, but nearby is a place of pilgrimmage for steam anoraks! The centre of the universe indeed!

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