Moon 25/07/2019

Perhaps unsurprisingly, I coudn’t sleep last night, so looking out of the window, I could see almost an exact last quarter moon. It would seem then that one of my favourite targets, Rupes recta, or the Straight wall might be ideally lit in the (lunar) setting sun for a change.


And so it was! A couple of the details deserved a closer examination:

Dome Birt 1 was quite obvious on the detail image of the Straight wall.

It was also interesting to compare images of the Wall under rising and setting sun conditions.

I acquired the rising sun image a couple of years ago under similar (ie window-sill) conditions.

A little north of the Wall is the crater Lalande, and do I see a second “Lunar X”?!


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    1. Thanks – I particularly like the way you have annotated your lunar images which is why I think they would make a good atlas. Let me see what I can do with them and I will show you what I come up with.

  1. Please keep posting these posts on lunar observing using your photos – I for one think it is a fantastic resource and would love to get a bound book of your lunar photos made one day. Would you give me permission to get such a book made for myself?

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