Modifying RELCO fluorescent starter to make homemade neon spectrometer calibration light part II (RECLO SC 480 S53993)

This follows on from my previous post on this subject.

Modifying RELCO fluorescent light starter to create neon calibration light for spectrometry

Today, I housed the new calibration light – I put four of the RELCO starter neon bulbs in the lid of a box – I attached them to a connection block inside the box.

In this way, I have four neon bulbs ready to use. I only connected one at a time. Each bulb has life span of 90 hiurs do when one burns out, moving the wires indide the box to the next bulb along allows the calibration light to continue to ne used.

As mentioned in the previous post, I have added a boc from ebay which will turn off the light after twenty minutes preserving the life of the bulbs when I inevitably forget to turn them off on the field!

The whole set up runs on 240V via an inverter on a leisure battery. I have ordered a RCD for safety and used boxes designed for external use and sealed all holes with a glue gun to minimize moisture ingress.

My first calibration spectrum taken using the above can be seen at this post, which follows on from the above:

First calibration spectra from RELCO neon starter bulb (RECLO SC 480 S53993) taken with Science Surplus DIY Spectrometer 9/9/2018


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