Mid-monthly RAG meeting

Although I had initially not intended at attend this meeting, I did go to drop off a telescope and stayed for a lovely social time with a great group of folks.

…..This led to one of my more hilarious experiences in Astronomy. Lee Bale helped me to change the European two-pin plug on a neon DADOS spectrometry light I picked up today for a bargain £10 at the International Astronomy Show. We could not understand why this seemed to have a poor connection. The light kept turning on and off. We cut the end off the cable and re-wired it, bent connectors to tighten them, trimmed plastic in the casing that we thought was splaying connectors and virtually resorted to throwing it in the bin in disgust……. Until Lee had the inspired idea of turning the main light off in the seminar room at at Rosliston. Magically, the neon light turned on steady and bright. We turned the main ceiling light back on and the neon light went out – and we realised there was a light-sensitive detector in the neon bulb housing which was turning it on and off. When we were working on it, each time we leaned forward to work out what was going on, our heads would shield the neon light from the ceiling light causing it to come on. Then we would lean back and it would go off again!


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