Flat worms & things: Microscopy sample of water from Branston Water Park, Lichfield Road (A38), Burton Upon Trent DE14 3HD

We went to Branston Water Park for walk and collected two samples:

(I) Trawl sample collected using homemade plankton net

(II) Sample from around water plants near edge + some plant parts to include surface-living protozoa.

Andy & Damian

Damian uses my homemade Plankton net to collect sample from Branston Water Park lake (I used a filter for an air conditioning system for the net – to give the required pore size which is measured in microns! Those protozoa are very small):

Creating centrifuged pellet from sample from around water plants next to edge lake:

Video of live microscopy of centrigue pellet from Branston Park lake water sample using x32 objective:

I am very proud of this video – definitely one worth watching!! Look out for the two layers of cilia on the one organism and the vortex-producing mouthparts in another clip, sucking in small organisms as food like a Dyson vacuum cleaner!

This first video is a compilation of highlights from the second video that follows afterwards:

Full video – shows a greater range of organisms and behaviour than the highlights video above –  if you are having difficulty accessing the embedded video below the URL for direct link to the video on YouTube is https://youtu.be/SKpROQCVp0A)


Photos from live microscopy of centrifuge pellet x32 objective:

Two flatworms:


I am having some difficulty identifying this. I can get it down to three types of genera but can’t be more specific. Note the two layers of cilia (hair-like projections):

The following looks like algae but is motile – the video shows two of them moving like liners on the sea:

I am not quite sure whether this organism is the same as the ciliated organism above or not. This one is free swimming whereas the other was (I think) attached at one end to some debris:

Is this following the same as above? This one sucked in debris and small organisms like a Dyson vacuum cleaner as I watched. It is on the video but was more impressive at the eyepiece, as the little doomed organisms could more easily be seem being sucked at high speed into the mouthparts (right side of organism in middle of cilia below):


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  1. This is a really popular walking spot with the family. Watched the video with Sam and the reaction was “Ewwww”- but really cool! Nice to know what we’re walking next to.

    1. Thanks Rob! I was shocked when I found these organisms – I looked through the slide and nothing…..and then, like when I go out observing and find a planetary nebula or galaxy after several hours of frustration, I came across these things – wow!
      Nice to know someone is enjoying the view I found.

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