Microscopy Orchid leaf 4/11/17

This leaf fell off our orchid plant today – so I took the opportunity to look at this under the Zeiss IM microscope using the x4 objective.

You can see the cells that form the surface of the leaf together with the pores through which water vapour escapes as part of the plant’s water cycle. Within the cells, organelles can be seen. Around the cells are thick cell walls.

Note for this photograph, I turned the photo into greyscale and then re-colourised it (changed to RGB then added colour in GIMP2) to turn it green to reflect the colour of the leaf. No other processing applied to the image.

Magnification calculated as MikrOkular camera & screen magnification factor 68 (=4300/63 – see previous post) x 4 (4x objective) = (4300/63=68)x4= 272x magnification on screen.


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