Microscopy of stream sample from stream adjacent to the heritage canal Darnford Lane, Lichfield

I took a sample of the water in this stream off Darnford Lane in Lichfield (next to heritage canal and Darnford Moors golf club) and attempted to (I) remove sand by decanting after leaving my bucket stand for 5 mins (ii) concentrate flora and fauna by filtering after (I). Lot less organisms in this water than in previous samples from Stowe Pool or my neighbour’s pond (possibly my technique for concentrating the organisms did not work) but still some interesting images which I have added below. Photos are bright field, dark field and phase contrast – I used 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x objectives. All photos with Bresser MikrOkular camera & with Carl Zeiss I’m microscope with 60W illuminator.


4x bright field images (below):

4x dark field view obtained with 4x bright field objective and using Ph2 phase annulus as dark field annulus on condenser – same field  of view as above (below):

10x bright field view:

Phase contrast photos, taken using 10x phase objective and Ph 2 annulus (below):

20x bright field photos showing various protozoa and algae in the sample (below):

40x bright field images (below):


Three short videos showing moving organisms from today’s session with the stream sample – these can be downloaded by clicking on the links below – all AVI video:




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