Microscopy of sample of water from stream between Netherstowe School and allotments in Lichfield, Staffordshire, UK, 17/2/2018

I collected the sample today and used the centrifuge to spin down the contents into a pellet which I viewed on a slide. Nothing very exciting!….Perhaps the video of the centrifuge has a role in helping people fall asleep though?


x2.7 objective:

x32 objective:

x32 objective – something is moving – shows I did not fully heat the slide to completely fix it – I did this over hob on oven so not as reliable as using specialist equipment to heat slide in consistent fashion:

Using centrifuge to create pellet from sample – the pellet forms at the bottom of the centrifuge tube and is the compressed microscopic contents of the fluid in the tube – great way to discard excess fluid from sample without losing solid sample contents:

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