Meteorites in Melaka, a full moon but very few stars

Today we visited Melaka (Malacca) in Malaysia. Amongst the many sights to see at the World Heritage area was the Muzium Rakyat (people’s museum) and within that we found the Galeri Meteor. This is the only gallery displaying and selling meteorites in Malaysia. There was a wonderful opportunity to hold a large and heavy stony iron meteorite, view the typical etched markings on a slice of an iron meteorite, and to take on the challenge of identifying which of two similar looking rock’s was a meteorite after a brief educational session by the lady in charge. We learnt how to identify the fusion crust, use a magnet to find out which rocks had a significant iron content (stony iron and iron meteorites). We also looked at iron and nickel dense inclusions and the markings seen with etching on iron meteorites (it turns iut iron meteorites contain iron and nickel which is often separated out). A great experience and some incredible meteorites!


Visit to Galeri Meteor:

Testing a large stone to find out if it is a meteor using a magnet:


Photographing the Moon with Samsung S7 phone in Malacca:

View from hotel window at Night – lot of lights and cloud – although it is a spectacular view:

I did manage to find this one star although I am not sure which one it is!

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